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Zumbla Game Review 2020

 Zumbla Game Zumbla Super Ball is a type of Marble shooter games, where you have to marble shoot rows of colorful marble lines to eliminate them.

Zumbla Game Review 2020

The Zumbla Super Ball, the balls or marbles will come in the Marble and you have to aim your marble shooter carefully to create match three marbles of the same colors. We believe that any bravest fans of marbles legend can succeed in this game.

This game is a brand new and amazing puzzle game!

How to play Zumbla Game

  1. Touch the screen where you want to shoot.
  2. Match 3 or more same marble lines color to eliminate them
  3. Put together as many bonus points as possible.
  4. Marble shooting more combos and marble shooter chains to get the highest score…

Zumbla Game features

  1. 100+ challenging levels.
  2. 6+ magic props: Back, Pause, Magic, Lighting, Bomb, Colorful.
  3. Zumbla Super Ball more, adventure mode and challenge mode game.
  4. Stunning effects and HD graphics.
  5. Easy to learn, but difficult to become master.
  6. No Wi-Fi connection required, but you can unlock the full game features when connected to the internet.

Install Zumbla Super Ball Game:- Click Here 

As an explorer in the Zumbla Super Ball there, there is only one going to be blocked by the marbles and your mission is shooting to blast all them. 

You Aim is to match minimum three balls, and then it will blast. You have to complete all the levels in challenge mode, help frog marble defense in jungle marble and try to get three stars and more points in each level.

Zumbla Super Ball is an intellectual property of Kagadiya Developer.

4 Or 5 Star REVIEWS

Zumbla Game
1. Isaac Hawn:- Not that bad, obviously a rip off of the original Zuma game. I'd still rather play the original game, but this is a good substitute for a free and mobile game. I don't care for some of the UI though. I like that it stayed Zuma-ish, but is a bit quirky and has a cheap mobile game feeling.

2. Roses Wreaking Havoc:- There was the original version on the computer way back when and my grandmother introduced me to it she played it all the time!! I was thinking about her a lot today and I found this! I'm so excited it's a nostalgic feeling! It works well and I love it!!

3. Alea J JLlaNa:- The power button is on the wrong position. Too close to the balls that you have to hit, and even you don't want to use the power up you accidentally press it. Kinda annoying cause you lose your power up for nothing.. (MPL App Review)

4. Hislarmiaht Adetoke:- I love this game since when have been playing it i cant even eat or sleep again only on this game everytime i enjoy it and like with love it so so much very interesting If you are Play this game and u are not enjoying it that means you dont no how to play it very well as for me i can bet any thing you.

5. Tinisha Toliver:- Every was going great until I got to level 200 then the game started glitching. And I also had a update I had to do. Which started me completely over at level 381 which took a week to get to.
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