Instant Credit Card - GalaxyCard App Review

GalaxyCard is a mobile based instant use credit card. Simply sign-up on our mobile app, and provide your Aadhar and PAN no and get started with your instant credit limit. 

Instant Credit Card - GalaxyCard App Review

We need very basic KYC documents and approve your application instantly without any manual intervention. As soon as your application is approved you will see your credit limit on the screen. Your credit card is now active.

Is this a personal loan app?

Personal loans charge interest from the day you take money. GalaxyCard is not a personal loan app. GalaxyCard is a credit card, which gives you interest free money for upto 45 days!

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How long do I have to wait for approval?

There is no wait. There is no manual intervention, there is no credit officer who will evaluate your application. Everything is done by our intelligent credit underwriting algorithm. All applications are processed instantly.

How long do I have to wait to start making payments?

There is no wait. You can start paying with your GalaxyCard app immediately. There is no need to wait 2-3 weeks for a physical card.

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How do I pay at a store using GalaxyCard?

Pay with GalaxyCard by scanning any QR code inside the GalaxyCard app. We work with all QR codes from all major wallets like PayTM and BharatQR. You can also choose a store from a list of nearby stores which will automatically appear based on your location

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Will I get need a physical card also?

No. You won't need a physical card. Your phone is now your credit card

Is there a joining fee or an annual fee?

No. GalaxyCard has 0 Joining fee and 0 annual fees. That is why it is better than all other bank credit cards!

How do I make the credit card payment?

You can pay your GalaxyCard dues from inside the app itself using UPI / NEFT

What is the credit card APR?

You get upto 45 days interest free. Thereafter we levy a 3% interest per month.

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